Look-a Here – Style ?uestion

In the last edition of this segment we featured clothing combinations for the men. So in this one we will swing it to the other gender and see if we can get some thoughts or feedback on if any of these are definite do’s or do not’s. Some are simple and others are extravagant. Nevertheless, all have their own style and that’s exactly why they are featured below. If you have a minute, check ’em out and let us know what you think. Feel free to comment on any part of the wardrobe as you see fit. We are all ears. Thanks for checking us out and come back and see us.

– Supreme Soul

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2 Responses to Look-a Here – Style ?uestion

  1. cthebizzybee says:

    I enjoyed the variation and altogether it made me want to go shopping!
    1. Eh…not my style
    2. I’m liking the sweater. The skirt…not so much.
    3. Gotta love a red dress!
    4. Like the comfortable style, not the color.
    5. Nice dress although it was a bit busy.
    6. Loved the color but I wouldn’t wear the dress. The shoes, though, belong in my closet!
    7. I’ll pass.
    8. Loved everything about it. It looked comfortable, black is always flattering, can’t beat a red pump and always have to have a nice big bag for school books.
    9. A bit short for my taste, but love the color combo underneath the white blazer (note to self!) and I have shoes like that so a resounding, YES!
    10. See #3
    11. Love the style and color of the jacket.
    12. No thanks.

  2. Supreme Soul says:

    Thanks for the awesome amount of feedback ma’am! We absolutely love it!

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