The Man With The Iron Fists – Movie Trailer (2012)

I’m posting this for 2 simple reasons. 1) I thought that the graphics and special effects were very eye-catching. And 2) I know Tha Doc is a fan of kung-fu and action films so he may appreciate this one as well. So if either of these reasons appeals to you feel free to continue reading.

In The Man With The Iron Fistsrapper and Wu-Tang Clan member Rza makes his writing and directorial debuts. He also gathered a well-recognized cast to co-star in the film with him including names such as Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Pam Grier, and David Bautista. The film is set in feudal China, where a blacksmith who makes weapons for a small village is put in the position of having to defend himself and his fellow villagers. It’s release date is set for November 2012 and hopefully it will do kung-fu movie enthusiasts and Wu-Tang Clan members proud. Peep out the trailer below and thanks for reading.

– Supreme Soul

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