A Good Day to Die Hard (Teaser Trailer)

So for me February 14th just got that much better. I was reluctant to post this at first since it’s not the full official trailer, but seeing as how I’m a true fan of the entire series I couldn’t resist. I’ll keep it brief since all the details have yet to be released. But from what I’ve gathered John McClane is back at his usual Yippie-Ki-Yay antics, only this time it’s on Russian soil and with his son, John McClane, Jr. Hopefully a double dose of John McClane will be twice the entertainment, but in the end all you need is the original (Bruce Willis), some explosions, and a bunch of automatic weapons and the rest will work itself out. You’re welcome all you Die Hard fans out there. “Happy trails” (in my McClane voice…)

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– Supreme Soul

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