Elle Varner Live

Seeing music in its live form is one of the best experiences any person can have. Young or old, it gives you a new sense of what the music can be even if it is a song you’ve heard more than 100 times. It also gives you a better understanding if the artist is an excellent performer and/or singer or if it’s all studio embellishment so to speak. To put it more plainly, I’d say a live show from an artist can elevate their ranking on your all time favorites list or remove them completely.

It is because of this feeling I thought that these performances by one of the better up and coming artists should be featured. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Elle Varner perform live and her vocals are the real deal.

The fact that she has such range with her pitch and can make it look effortless when she does it definitely boosted her status on my music radar. Add that to the fact that she has one of the best soul and R&B albums of 2012 made it a no brainer to add her to the list of my favorite artists. So if you haven’t experienced her music or her vocal talent you can get a taste of both below.

Video #1 features the song entitled “Not Tonight” where Elle Varner tells a story of her wanting to tell a special guy how she truly feels about him, but can’t quite get up the courage to do so on this particular night.

Video #2 features the song entitled “So Fly” telling the story of how her self-proclaimed “imperfections” keep her from being as fly and glamorous as she could possibly be, but in turn empowers others to embrace these same flaws because they are what make them unique.

Video #3 is one of the singles off the album and perhaps the most easily recognized. In “Refill”, Elle Varner sings about being infatuated with the a certain gentleman and being so intoxicated with his essence continuously causes her to ask him for a refill of whatever it is that has her swooning over him. And an added bonus to this performance is featured at the end of the video and I won’t spoil it for you, but I will make reference to it with 2 words…Frank Ocean.

Hope you enjoyed the music and the performance. The video is courtesy of the Genea Sampson (GS Prodcutions) and was done at the Highline Ballroom in NYC on 08.09.12.  Go and support Elle Varner at one of her shows if you have the opportunity or cop the album Perfectly Imperfect which is in stores now. Thanks for checking out The Intellectual Revolution.

– Supreme Soul

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2 Responses to Elle Varner Live

  1. Dclay3 says:

    I love Elle Varner. My favorite songs off the album are Not Tonight and Stop the Clock. Hopefully I get the chance to see one of her live performances.

  2. politicalK says:

    She’s very talented. I’ve been a fan since “Only Want to Give it to You.” Good selections…..two of the three are some of my favorites AND she sang Frank Ocean! I’m sold.

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