A Few T.I.R. Clothing Designs and Styles…

Although we at theintellution.com have yet to fully unleash the beast that will eventually become The Intellectual Revolution Clothing, we are definitely working on plenty designs for the masses that will some day adorn these unique threads. So here is a brief look at a few of the shirts that are in production and will be featured at some point in the future. Enjoy and let’s us know your thoughts. Thanks.

– Supreme Soul

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5 Responses to A Few T.I.R. Clothing Designs and Styles…

  1. cthebizzybee says:

    I’m not originally a Louisiana girl but I think I lived there long enough to own one of these shirts!!!! Love ’em!!! Let’s not leave out the sororities though sir. Let me know when and where I can place my order 🙂

  2. Gbonvi says:

    The shirts are nice! I really like the purple Louisiana girl shirt with all the cities on it. Just wondering, why don’t you have the Xavier version of the Louisiana girl shirt?

    • Supreme Soul says:

      I defintely do ma’am. If you click the link above for the actual site, you can change the color of the shirts to make them XULA colors. You know I couldn’t forget about my people!

  3. midnight12 says:

    I like the “CITIES” shirt but why does LaPlace get no love? Either I’m overlooking it or it’s not on there. Otherwise. how do I place an order for the other shirts?

    • Supreme Soul says:

      I’m sorry about the LaPlace thing but if you want to check out the shop with the other shirts just click on the link where it says The Intellectual Revolution Clothing and it should take you right to it.

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