DiverseMedicine Inc. – Mentoring In Medicine

Being that I’m deeply interested in helping others in the medical field, both with health in general and with aiding others who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine, it was an easy decision to become a part of Diverse Medicine Inc. (DMI) team. Founded by a former roommate, teammate, and good friend of mine, Dr. Dale Okorodudu, DMI strives to provide an avenue for medical professionals and students to both give and receive mentoring, education, and many other resources in an effort offer guidance to any and all individuals pursuing a career in the medical field.

The web-based mentoring organization’s mission states “we are dedicated to counseling students at all levels of education who are interested in caring for under served populations”, and “by mentoring such students, we are promoting better health care for all!” Education and mentoring are delivered through several methods including various forums, video blogs, clinical cases, podcasts, and lectures, to name a few. An added bonus to this is that the mentors of DMI come from across the U.S. and have taken many different routes to get to where they are now. This provides a unique opportunity for the student to obtain advice from seasoned physicians and healthcare providers, yet have it delivered from vastly different perspectives than what they may be accustomed.

Needless to say there are additional benefits to becoming a member of DMI, but I will stop here for the sake of sanity to you the reader. However, if any of the above information applies to or somewhat interests you in any way I highly recommend paying the website a visit and signing up. Also, if you know someone else that is aspiring to have a career in the medical field who might benefit from some mentoring from some actual physicians please pass the information along to them. (To get to the site click here) Thanks for checking us out here at The Intellectual Revolution and as always we hope you learned something new.

– Supreme Soul

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