Look-a Here – Style ?uestion (Women’s December 2012 Edition)

Since we went through the entire month of November without bringing you a style post I figured we could do it at the beginning of December and put the shopping desire deep in your hearts. I know, I know, it’s right before Christmas for most of you and you probably are feeling like you’ve already spent too much money. But look at it like this, you deserve a reward for all that hard work you’ve done shopping for others so here is a chance to shop for yourself! Ok? Great. Moving on….

So I’ll do this post using women’s fashion only. (We will do the men’s fashion later this month). I’ll probably go overboard yet again, so if I do forgive me. However, I think more is better since it brings a lot of diversity to the overall picture. So take a look and as always feel free to comment on any part of the wardrobe or style as you see fit. Thanks for stopping by.

– Supreme Soul

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2 Responses to Look-a Here – Style ?uestion (Women’s December 2012 Edition)

  1. cthebizzybee says:

    One question before I tell you which styles I liked: what do you have against full figured (or as I like to call myself, life sized) women? Can we get some styles on women over size 0 please?

    Now, I really like 6, 8, 11 and 16 (minus the butt crack). 17 is more my style because I’m a cute and casual girl. Good choices though.

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