“A Damn Shame Moment” – Boot on Ambulance Edition

So this edition of “A Damn Shame Moment” will be a bit longer than the others simply because this has been by far the worst of them all. While sitting at work at the hospital, I was told about a story where a New Orleans ambulance had been booted for parking illegally. But the story quickly got worse when I was then told that it was booted while responding to an emergency call at a convenience store for a man in the same store who had chest pain!

So in plain terms, they (paramedics) responded to a call at a convenience store for a worker experiencing chest pain. After rushing into the store to treat the man, they brought him out for transport to a local hospital with lights flashing the entire time while the ambulance was parked. Finally when they tried to speed off, paramedics “heard a loud noise,” and the vehicle suddenly just stopped. That’s when the medics found the boot. Oh but wait….it gets worse. After the store was notified that the boot was to be removed and an employee finally took the boot off, the tire was flat and another ambulance had to be called!


An ambulance spokesperson is quoted as saying, “We actually had to delay that patient’s care by calling another ambulance out here to come transport this patient.” (You really can’t make something like this up people.) I’m still SMH as I type this, that’s truly how bad this story is. 

So I’m sure you can see why this one takes it to a completely different level of being “A Damn Shame Moment”! I’m sure you’re in agreement that it is, but check the video out below for more details that will further add to why this “moment” will continue to top the list.

– Supreme Soul

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3 Responses to “A Damn Shame Moment” – Boot on Ambulance Edition

  1. cthebizzybee says:

    That’s a hot mess. The excuse about the man who booted the car not knowing what an ambulance was is such crap. It’s flashing lights and at the store YOU work at picking up a man who needs medical attention. You don’t need to know what a vehicle says on the side to know that they’re there to help. That really is a shame.

  2. Akayla says:

    Who would do something that foolish?!? That man ought to sue the city …..he could’ve been having a massive heart attack! Who the heck thinks to boot the ambulance???

  3. Dclay3 says:

    This story is wrong on so many levels. It does not matter what country you are from, you should be able to recognize an emergency response vehicle. A person with chest pain could be suffering from a heart attack and definitely need acute medical attention; not to mention University Hospital is less than three minutes away (Shout out to LSU SOM). Also, something about a store giving out boots is just not right. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this story. I hope the store gets sanctioned.

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