Frank Ocean – Wise Man

For any of you who have not had a chance to hear the new Frank Ocean track entitled Wise Man that he put out on his Tumblr account about 2 days ago here it is. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by to check out the blog.

– Supreme Soul

frank ocean

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2 Responses to Frank Ocean – Wise Man

  1. politicalK says:

    There’s something about Frank Ocean that’s so enchanting – I just have to listen. So far I like it, but I’ll have to give it a few more listens to be sure. Thanks for the post Supreme Soul.

  2. The Audacity of Dope! says:

    I was going to do this post, but you beat me to it by 1 day! So it turns out that this was supposed to be on the Django soundtrack and in the movie but QT said that he couldn’t find a spot to fit it in the movie that would have done it justice and didn’t want to short change such a great song, so he asked Frank to save it for himself. Frank is am amazing lyricist!

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