“Sample School” – A Tribe Called Quest and Soul For Real

Of course it’s been a while since the last “Sample School”, but I’m sure this will still be a valuable lesson either way.

This edition is similar to the last example of samples where the new song uses a portion of the earlier song, but it may not be as easy to recognize. However, when taking a close listen to both songs I think it’s easy to see how they are related and why they are classic forms of hip hop and R&B.

The first song comes from the legendary hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest. It was the first single off their second album released in 1991 entitled The Low End Theory.  The song itself features about 4 samples which helps to make the easily recognized jazzy, hip hop sound that A Tribe Called Quest pioneered well before it was popular. Check The Rime shows how eclectic hip hop can be with the different styles of lyricism, including storytelling of life in NYC teamed with a straightforward Q&A between the MCs about being on point. It definitely is one of my favorite tracks from the group so check out the track below. You should pay attention to the background music at about 3o seconds to hear where the sample will begin.

check the rhime

The second track came out when I was just a little boy, but became a sensation for the R&B world in a few instants. It is so memorable that most 80s babies will remember the song and even break out in song when they hear it. Soul For Real released Candy Rain as the first single off their début album and it rose to number 1 on the R&B singles chart shortly thereafter. The all boy group, which consisted of 4 brothers from New York, released other songs, but these songs’ successes paled in comparison to the success of the first single. Take a listen to it below and see if you can figure out how the song from A Tribe Called Quest is used. (Hint hint…it should be very easy since it starts at the beginning of the track.)


Well I hope you were able to pick out the samples from the backgrounds. I think they are both easy to pick out if you take a moment to just sit back and listen. So now consider yourself more educated on sampling, and feel free to use this information when trying to impress others with your musical knowledge. Thanks for reading.

A Tribe Called Quest-Soul For Real

Supreme Soul

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1 Response to “Sample School” – A Tribe Called Quest and Soul For Real

  1. politicalK says:

    For some reason this was a hard sample for me to hear. I had to find an instrumental version of “Check the Rhime” to hear it. Two random thoughts…..1) I had no idea Q-tip was a part of A Tribe Called Quest (don’t judge me. lol) and 2) I used to love “Candy Rain.” Good post Supreme Soul and WOOHOO for sample school!

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