Talib Kweli – Come Here feat. Miguel

This song was recommended to me by my “phrat” brother DJ, so thanks to him for bringing this to my attention in such a quick manner.

As many people know I’m a fan of Talib Kweli‘s music. It is true hip hop in my opinion and very seldom will it ever be commercial. This song is no different as it will probably not be as popular as songs speaking about wanting big booty hoes as birthday gifts or him being happy as long as his bitches love him. Yet, it will definitely be something that I know I could spin on my turntables and give some special ladies out there a feeling of pride from a man speaking to them like the queens they are. It’s rare in this day and time that you can find hip hop talking about women in a positive and respectful sense. On Come Here it’s quite evident from the beginning that this MC is paying the woman compliment after compliment, and I will celebrate this notion over misogyny and blatant sexism any day. Throw in some Miguel and I believe you have an even better hit.

Now some people will say I may be giving it more praise than it deserves, and to that I say possibly they are right. Yet, if I ask you to name me 5 hip hop songs about women that are degrading and overly sexual, and at the same time name me 3 songs from the same genre that are respectful and complimentary I’m more than sure the 5 songs will come well before the 3. Not to mention the lyrics are far from the simplistic utterances that were referred to earlier, and if not listened to closely will pass by faster than a 100 meter dash at the Olympics. I won’t even start about the innuendos that come repeatedly during the verses…pure poetry.  Bottom line, I like the overall song and its message being a flattering one towards women. Take a listen below and let me know if you agree.

Supreme Soul


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3 Responses to Talib Kweli – Come Here feat. Miguel

  1. politicalK says:

    Very good post Supreme Soul! The music is sexy and the lyrics are creative to say the least. He paints an amazing picture with his use of familiar examples. There is no doubt he knows how to approach and appreciate a woman. I will definitely be listening to this again, again, and again.

  2. cthebizzybee says:

    It’s smooth but with enough rhythm to make you wanna dance. It’s definitely a groove joint that I would want to hear if I’m home, in the car or out at an event. It’s unfortunate that this song won’t be as popular as those about hoes, money and clothes; however, I’m glad to know that it exists and that someone cares enough to mention how beautiful I am, wants to take the time to express interest and wants to actually get to know me. Who would’ve thought that women liked such rare things?

  3. melfunktion says:

    Reblogged this on melfunktion and commented:
    A grown man’s intellectual perspective on how to love a woman. Props.

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