DJ Supreme Soul – 10-O-Pills Mix

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I put together a quick mix with music from Kanye West, J. Cole, The-Dream, Wale, and Big K. R. I. T. Check it out at the link below and enjoy. – Supreme Soul Listen to and download DJ Supreme Soul’s … Continue reading

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To be a nigger or a nigga . . .

Its one thing to call someone a nigger, its another thing to have the privilege and unfortunate power to enact the hatred and bigotry implicit in incendiary uses of the word, herein is where the problem lies.

As I look back over this week’s discussion over race in America on many levels from Paula Deen to the Trayvon Martin case, I wonder how far removed mainstream society wants us to be from the historical reality of the use of the word nigger. No matter how much people of color try to embrace the word it does not erase the historical context in which it has lived and still lives.

An interesting argument in the Trayvon Martin case is that he supposedly called George Zimmerman a cracker and this in itself proved his racism. His utilization of the word had no power, no historical relevance and cannot reinforce the oppression of a people thus invalidating this argument yet Trayvon is being painted as a racist.

People what are your thoughts on this week rampant discussion of race?

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Cataloging Criminals before Conviction . . . the power of DNA


Recently a major decisions was supported by the Supreme Court which allows anyone arrested or detained for arrest to have their DNA swabbed and put into the national federal database. This major change has a significant impact on how crime is conceptualized and addressed in our country. However, for minorities, a group that is disproportionately targeted for arrest (NYC’s Stop and Frisk is one example) this ruling changes the game. Racial profiling becomes a more  factor based on “biology” and having a database full of minorities DNA appears that convictions will more likely be imposed on this group. 


Check out this article for more info and let us know your thoughts.


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DJ Supreme Soul – Perseverance Mix

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Just a mix I put together one day. Didn’t realize it during its creation, but after playing it back I realized that it has a sense of grinding regardless of the struggles that may stand in one’s way. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Why I chose a Historically Black College/University . . .

May and June mark the end of many high school student’s careers and the embarkment on the journey to college. There are many types of colleges that offer a variety of experiences but few are met with as many as … Continue reading

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Goodie Mob Ft Janelle Monae – Special Education

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New Goodie Mob featuring Janelle Monae ‘Special Education,’ off their forthcoming album Age Against the Machine set to release this summer. As a Goodie Mob fan, this single gets me excited to finally hear more from them. All we need … Continue reading

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In My Time Machine: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime

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Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there from us at Theintellution! What better way to enjoy your day than chillin with family & friends at a BBQ  listening to none other than this classic joint here. I remember playing this … Continue reading

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And The Nominees Are…

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I’d like to first give all honor and glory to God, cause without Him, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. I’d next like to thank my mama for always being there for me. Yes, I am aware that we … Continue reading

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DJ Supreme Soul – Subwoofer Pusher (2nd Edition)

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Here’s the 2nd edition of the mix of rap that’s made especially for those with subs, so give your speakers the work out they deserve. It features the music of 8ball & MJG, Young Jeezy, Nas, DJ Khaled, J. Cole, … Continue reading

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Redemption – Movie Trailer (2013)

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Came across this seemingly and hopefully action-packed piece not too long ago and decided to post it. It stars Jason Statham, and seems to be a movie where he will eventually kill everyone single-handedly. Now some may have a problem … Continue reading

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